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May 20 2014

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR – Tonight Mayor Patrick Henry Hays announced that when elected, he will reject 6 wasteful, taxpayer funded perks abused by members of Congress, and issued the following statement calling on French Hill to do the same.

“I entered this race because Washington is badly in need of the commonsense leadership and fiscal conservatism that I practiced for twenty-four years in City Hall,” said Mayor Patrick Henry Hays. “We balanced every budget, cut wasteful spending and made government do more with less, growing jobs by attracting  companies like Caterpillar, and building Dickey-Stephens Ballpark and Verizon Arena. From pay raises for members of Congress who aren’t doing their  jobs, to wasteful overseas trips, there are plenty of examples where we can save money for taxpayers, just like we did everyday in North Little Rock. That’s why tonight, I pledge to reject these wasteful congressional perks, and I call on French Hill to do the same.”

Mayor Hays announced he will reject the following Congressional perks, and challenged French Hill to do the same:

·       No taxpayer funded first-class airfare;

·       No taxpayer funded salaries for members of Congress, if Congress doesn't pass a budget;

·       No taxpayer funded pay raises for Congress, until Congress balances the budget;

·       No taxpayer funded campaign-style mailers to constituents;

·       No taxpayer funded subsidy for healthcare that the American people don't also get;

·      No taxpayer funded overseas trips, except to US military installations.

Mayor Hays continued: “The real difference in this campaign is that while French Hill says he feels fine about the vibe in Washington,  I’ve never been more disgusted with the reckless politics, the shutdowns and waste. I don't want to learn the Washington game, I want to make Washington listen to people in Arkansas for a change, and that’s exactly why I’m running for Congress.”

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